Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sao Paulo weekend

I flew to Sao Paulo for the weekend, specifically to visit a friend who I met when he was in New Zealand in 2006/7 to learn English. Thiago works for the airline, Gol, although that's not who I flew with. I was on TAM and collected some Air New Zealand Airpoints dollars. Anyhow, it rained quite a lot and we went around mostly by car. I spent the entire weekend socialising with Thiago and his friend Marco, plus some others who joined us for a meal at the Australian-themed restaurant chain "Outback", in shopping malls and out night-clubbing.


  1. Hey Pip,

    Just read your whole blog in one sitting - I feel as if I have been there with you. Just one question - have you been missing out the drinking and wild party nights or have you just not indulged?

    Mmmmmwah, The Flo

  2. Hey KFB,

    I've done some partying, but not all that much. Of course, it could all change when I get to South East Asia and meet up with my friend David (who's flying out from New Zealand). He's partial to a cocktail or two.

    Well done for reading all 90-something entries in one go. You must be exhausted !!

    P :-)

  3. Have Phil.
    Hope you enjoyed you time here in Brazil...
    Sorry about the nice weather... oh well didn't have so much to do in that rain...
    But was nice having you here...
    Have have fun in your around the world travel...
    Take care little boy...