Friday, September 24, 2010

early riser

Hotel Arapey in Montevideo apparently USED TO BE recommended in Lonely Planet guides. I had looked at an old copy from Wellington library, which is how I came to stay there last night. I found some bad reviews online, but found the place to be fine for the money ($28 US). Nothing special. Only one of the four light bulbs in my ceiling light was working, and the speaker in the corridor outside continued to play music ALL NIGHT, but the TV in the rooom had lots of channels and there was plenty of hot water for the shower.

Anyhow, I woke up this morning at quarter to seven. Quite why, I'm not sure. But I'd had nearly 8 hours' sleep so that was ok. I discovered that television advertising at that time of day is aimed solely at fat people. In particular, women. There were only two ads, which came on repeatedly. One was for pills that speed up your metabolism to encourage weight loss. The other was for Slender Shaper. It's a kind of vibrating belt that shakes away the fat. Several women were shown wearing them, strapped to various parts of their body.

Slender Shaper has five speeds (cinco velocidades) and -- as with so many products demonstrated in "advertorials" -- one of the main selling points is that you can even use it while watching television. Perfect for lazy, fat people who want to sit around seeing TV shows while some invention does the work for them.

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