Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Munich is a really lovely city. There are so many spectacular buildings, grand avenues, extensive pedestrianised areas, and the calm and relaxing English Garden to wander around. People seem to be going about their business without stress or tension. The sun is finally shining and I have been out wandering the streets again, retracing some of my steps from earlier days and making use of my camera.

From the top of the tower at St Peter's (307 steps) there is an excellent view over the rooftops. How nice that there are so few skyscrapers. It's easy to pick out the landmarks from up there. Thanks to Ludwig the First for the way he developed and grew Munich.

I've had five days here and was glad to have been joined by a friend from London, Ben, and then spent a day yesterday with one of my former German teachers, Chris, who lives outside the city. During that time I've done a LOT of walking, and was so worn out last night that I slept for 12 hours (on and off).

At 4.30 on weekday afternoons the Karstadt department store does all food at half price in its restaurants. That's something I have taken advantage of once already and will do so again today. It means I can get something hot and cheap... and healthy too if I make the right selections from the buffet style dishes on offer. Most things are sold by a fixed price per 100 grammes of weight, so I suppose it's best to avoid heavier salad items such as tomatoes.

For a rainy day I can recommend the Deutsches Museum and the small but satisfying Palaeontologisches Museum. It's also well worth taking a train trip out to the Olympic Park where the 1972 games were held. No-one comes to Munich, of course, without visiting a Brauhaus for beer and Bavarian food.

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