Monday, September 20, 2010

strange breakfast

Monday morning, and I've been to breakfast as usual. Today was different.

Having been asked for my room number, I went in and noticed there was no-one else having breakfast. Still, I gathered up some juice, tea, flat scone-like things, butter and cheese, a bowl of orange and kiwi fruit pieces and some yoghurt. As I sat and ate, I could hear sounds coming from the other side of the partition. Still no-one else joined me in the breakfast room. Every other day there had been only a few tables free.

A couple of women who were probably in their late 50s put their heads around the door, then went away. I finished my breakfast and was about to leave when a staff member came and I was again asked for my room number. Could I be the only guest in the hotel this morning ? It seems unlikely. Did no-one else get up early enough to have breakfast (at 9am) on a Monday ? A holiday Monday of course. The mystery remains.

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