Saturday, September 4, 2010

The half-way point

Today is day 80 of 161 days. That means, of course, that I am half way through my trip. Around the world in 80 days ? Not quite. I've only been to Japan and Europe ! (I might be stretching it a bit to include Russia in Europe).

Still to come.... Denmark on Monday, then South America from Friday... until a brief stop in Berlin when I head back from Argentina and before going on to India. After that, a month in South East Asia and I'm done !

It's been a delight to meet up with many friends along the way. Hiroko, Victoria, Peter and Charlotte in Japan... Raef in Frankfurt... Ed in Madrid... the new Mr and Mrs Cook (and lots of their wedding guests who are former colleagues of mine) in the south of Spain... my parents, and aunt and uncle in Lincolnshire... Gary, Del and Ann in London... Adrian in Budapest... Ben and Chris in Munich. New friends and acquaintances were made in St Petersburg and Moscow.

The second half of the trip will include more friends, among them Kirsten, Louis and Mona in Denmark, Thiago in Brazil, Shane in India, and David in South-East Asia.

Before I went out for food last night, I saw CNN breaking news of the Christchurch earthquake. My internet connection held up well enough (it can be pretty patchy in the hotel room here) for me to listen online to some of Radio New Zealand's excellent coverage. Everyone is safe, but I have also been thinking about people there -- and especially friends who have connections with Christchurch.

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