Tuesday, September 7, 2010

DB sailing train

I have taken the train from Hamburg to Copenhagen, and thus completed one of the few journeys in the world where a train still goes on board a ferry and continues to its destination after crossing a sea passage. The Deutsche Bahn first class service was well worth the money. A comfortable seat in a quiet and spacious carriage, with free croissants, soft drinks, tea and coffee.

Shortly before departure there was a commotion as an American woman displayed blind panic. She was staggering up and down the carriage shouting "65 and 66, where is my husband ? WHERE IS MY HUSBAND ? 65 and 66" over and over again. Someone asked here where she had last seen him. She said he'd been right there on the platform. They went to help look for him, and within seconds he was in the carriage and they were reunited.

The train picked up a 20 minute delay, which I'm told is normal once it's on the Danish tracks. I was met by my friend Kirsten, who I'm staying with. A delight as always. We've known each other since we were among a group of people who travelled together in Africa nearly 20 years ago. During my time in Denmark we will also drive north and see another of those Africa travellers, Louis, and his family.

A little while after meeting me, Kirsten revealed that we were going to a Zumba class. She'd signed up for eight weeks, and Monday was the first session. So I was taken along and had to join in. It was difficult to get the co-ordination at times, but actually a lot of fun. Zumba is a mixture of aerobics and salsa moves to music. It's a craze from Brazil.

The only downside about things right now is that I've developed a cold. It sort of came in reverse. My normal experience is that I have the nose problems, which descend into a cough and throat complaint as the days pass. This time it's been the other way around. How odd. Anyhow, I've got my vitamin C pills, my nose spray and my throat losenges... so hopefully I'll be able to get rid of it before arriving in South America on Friday.

Before signing off on this posting, I just wanted to refer to the hotel I stayed at in Hamburg. It was a little tired and in need of some maintenance, but with no major problems. I think it was a family run business, and I think of the woman on reception in the mornings as The Lusty Landlady. There was just something in the way she looked at me when she was speaking to me. She was also quite effusive in her farewell (in German) and said how much it would please her if I was to come back and stay another time in the future.

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