Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wedding in Antequera

Over the past weekend I was in the south of Spain, attending the wedding of two Scottish friends in Antequera. I had wanted to go there by train from Madrid, but it worked out cheaper to fly to Malaga and continue by bus.

The happy couple are James and Rachael Cook, who were good enough to join me and several others for my 40th birthday party in Dubai in 2008. By now, they'll be on their honeymoon far away from Europe.

It was really nice to see so many of my former colleagues from BBC Scotland again. The church was beautiful, and the every morsel of the meal at the reception afterwards was delicious. The speeches were entertaining - especially the one made by the father of the bride, Bernard Cunningham :-)

Father John, who'd flown over from Glasgow to conduct the service, has a good memory for names. After having met him only briefly on Friday, he engaged me in conversation on Sunday morning and remembered who I was. Part of his calling, of course, is to seek out lost souls. So perhaps he thought someone who is wandering the world for five months fits into that category. The theme of religious signs was continued today in Frankfurt (where I am now). I was walking around the perimeter of the cathedral when I heard a crack, and part of a tree branch fell to the ground in front of me and broke into small pieces.

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