Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Photo post LISBON

Lisbon is a nice surprise. By that, I mean I didn't actually do any research about the city prior to arriving. It's been really something to discover it simply by wandering around and seeing where different streets take me. I'm staying just above Barrio Alto, up one of several hills. Turn right and I make my way down into the old district and towards the river. Turn left and I'm on my way to the botanical garden.
More to say about Portugal in my next posting. Finally for this one, a post script about Frankfurt. When I was enduring the extreme heat there (and had confined myself to my hotel room), MTV Deutschland was showing a live music concert and introduced me to a group called Unheilig. Now I want to buy their latest album, which I believe is Grosse Freiheit. Perhaps I'll get it when I'm in Munich or Hamburg later. The singer is a crowd-pleasing, charismatic bald guy with lots of energy on a hot day, who goes by the name of "der Graf" (The Count).

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