Thursday, July 29, 2010

London City Airport

Yesterday I flew from London City Airport for the first time. It's in the east of the city, and is very easy to get to. I took the Docklands Light Railway from Bank station and was there within 30 minutes, perhaps even within 20 minutes.

The airport is easy to use and has good facilities EXCEPT... there is no club lounge for British Airways, and therefore no lounge for One World sapphire status frequent flyers like myself. All that means is that I have to pay for my food and drink if I use this airport. On balance, I think that's a small sacrifice for being able to avoid the nightmare that is Heathrow.

So, now I'm back in Madrid for a couple of nights - my Europe base city. I go to Bulgaria on Friday.

The British Airways plane here was an Embraer 170. Quite a snazzy little jet, and comfortable. I thought I was going to have a plane with propellors, but this one had engines :-)

Those who've been following the news will know that BA cabin crew have been involved in a long-running dispute with management. I wonder whether discontent had affected the attitude of the senior crew member on this flight. He was rude to at least two of the passengers within my earshot !

For example, he questioned one man about whether he knew where the over-wing exits were. When he didn't get the right answer he said "that's because there aren't any. If you'd been listening to the safety announcement you would have known that" !!

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