Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Photo post

It really is nice, wandering the streets and river banks of Frankfurt on a Summer's day. Just like Wellington, there's a huge number of people who clearly don't go to work between the hours of 9am and 5pm. Perhaps they're shift workers, housewives/husbands, or on their school holidays. The main shopping street has musicians, people applying airbrush tattoos, and others making a nuisance of themselves by trying to sell football trumpets.
Germany and Spain are playing in their World Cup semi-final match this evening. Divided loyalties ? I will see more of both countries before this journey is done.
I think I might take a train trip tomorrow. Somewhere not too far away. I don't want to see everything of Frankfurt, then find I've run out of things to do.. so I'll save some for the weekend. I have already been to the Goethe House, seen Pauls Kirche, the Kaiser Dom, Rathaus and many more landmark buildings. My German teacher back in Wellington gave me some tips, and I will be heading to Bornheim at the weekend to follow up on one of those. More about that later. Oh, and I've had good news that a friend from London (Ben) will be joining me in Munich when I am there next month :-)

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