Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sapporo - Japan

25 degrees and dry.. occasionally sunny, mostly overcast. I arrived yesterday, on a connecting flight with Japan Airlines from Tokyo. Everything was extremely efficient and fast. One or two things have amused me about the people I've encountered, and the way things are done...

When collecting baggage at the airport, it is someone's job to check that my baggage receipt and the tag on my bag match before I'm allowed to leave the airport; just in case I have taken someone else's bag you see.

Currency exchange at a bank in Sapporo was a drawn out process, only because things are done in a very strict order with various episodes of filling in forms and waiting to be called back to the counter. The rate was better than Travelex offered, of course, and I got 70 Yen for each of my Australian dollars. Departing the bank, every employee stood, thanked me and bowed !

I sent a post-card to my parents, and the man at the counter in the post office insisted on reading every word I'd written before accepting the card for posting. The cost was 70 Yen.. or one Aussie dollar.

Today I took a train trip to Otaru, which is a port town with some old buildings. It was quite pleasant and relaxed. I sought out the ice cream parlour mentioned in the Lonely Planet guide, and had two scoops... one of apple pie ice cream, and one of squid flavour. I've never had black ice cream before. It tasted perfectly fine.

Now, those of you who are interested in my Business Class travels might like to know what meal I selected from Sydney to Tokyo.. Japanese style chicken in lemon sauce with braised cabbage and bacon. Very nice indeed, and followed by hazelnut and vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate sauce. Yum.

OK... off to see more of Sapporo.

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