Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Video post

Shinkansen bullet trains at Hiroshima station...

The super-fast trains make Hiroshima an easy day-trip from Kyoto. The city's A-bomb Dome, the Peace Memorial Park and the museum all give sobering pause for thought. So many people died on August 6th, 1945 - or as a direct result in the days, months and years following the first war-time use of an atomic bomb.

I've also been to Miyajima today, to see another shrine and temple on the coast. Lots of deer roam the streets there, unafraid of humans and wanting to eat whatever they can - paper, plastic, or some actual food if they're lucky. The paper bag I was carrying had a chunk taken out of it !

In Kyoto yesterday I was "interviewed" by children for their school project. Basic questions. They wanted to know my name, how long I'd been in Japan, what I thought of Kyoto etc.

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