Friday, June 18, 2010

Stuffed bears

Why should there be a pair of stuffed bears outside a shop that apparently has nothing to do with taxidermy ? Why do Japanese teenage boys dye their hair brown and wear boots that are several sizes too big ? Why is fresh fruit so hard to find, and expensive when I do find it ? 157 Yen for a single apple ! I could buy a bag with eight of them in it for only a little more in NZ.

It's 27 degrees today. I've noticed a pattern, whereby the day is sunny to begin with but clouds over by about midday. In the overcast heat yesterday I took a stroll around the botanical gardens. Today I've been to another park and a covered, pedestrianised shopping street. I also saw the Sapporo clock tower, but didn't think it would be worth going inside.

I have one more day in this city. I'm planning to use it to visit the beer factory.

Oh... Japanese toilets. They're not as advanced as the ones in Dubai (which perform all sorts of functions), but they do give you the option of a jet or spray bidet, the intensity and temperature of which you can control.

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