Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm going to escape the hail !

In one week from now I will be in the air, making my way across the Tasman from Wellington to Sydney. The first of many legs on this journey will be the hop over to Australia, where I'll be boarding my longer flight to Tokyo.

I've been ready for this since the start of the month. The past few days have been pretty chilly in NZ, and there were even hail showers on Tuesday. I've been having cups of tea and meals with friends. On Monday there was a very nice farewell party for me at a friend's house. The reality is sinking in rapidly -- I'm going away for five months !!

Now, would the Reserve Bank of New Zealand kindly put up the OCR (interest rate) tomorrow morning.. and do so by more than has been forecast ? That would give the Kiwi dollar a bit of a boost, and hopefully push up its value against the Japanese Yen.

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