Saturday, July 16, 2011

waking up early

I've been waking up at 5am in England . Two days running now. Partly the time zone adjustment perhaps. Partly the fact that the sun is up at about then.

The weather forecasters are saying the temperature is "disappointing for July" at just 19 or 20 degrees. It'll be twice that in Israel next weekend !

I had an early morning start in Hong Kong on Friday. My hotel had told me my only option for getting to the airport was a taxi (at HKD $300) or their limousine at twice the price. The express train does not start running in time for a 5.30am check-in at the airport. Neither do the shuttle buses. BUT.. just across the street from the hotel is the public bus stop. Bus N21 to the airport departs from Nathan Road every 20 minutes during the night. It took a little longer than scheduled, but cost only HKD $23 !!

A sighing woman sat beside me. For the entire journey (of about one hour and ten minutes) to the airport she didn't go more than 87 seconds without letting out a sigh. I expect she was actually yawning, but it didn't sound like that - and it needn't have been so loud. I have managed to learn the skill of silent yawning, and I don't see why others can't too.

By the way, I have now built my stock of Qantas frequent flyer points back up to 113,300. My aim is to get the 280,000 required for another round-the-world ticket in business class. It's going to take a while longer, but I am a determined person. Qantas is preparing to anounce cuts to its international services (August 24th), which could present a challenge - especially if Johannesburg is dropped as a destination. Over this weekend, we will also learn what industrial action Qantas long-haul pilots intend to take, having voted strongly in favour of strikes.

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