Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jaffa, and Fox "News"

I have a friend in Israel by the name of Rotem, who has spent time living in New Zealand and would like to be there now, but is back in Israel working and hoping to save up. Yesterday afternoon he drove in to Tel Aviv and we met up, doing a lot of walking and a little bit of driving too. We went to Jaffa, just south of Tel Aviv, seeing the old fortifications and the port area.

It's Saturday morning now, a day of rest for the religious. One of the hotel lifts is shut off as part of that, because you are not supposed to work. Also not working is the electricity. There was a power cut about half an hour ago. Quite possibly a deliberate one. Anyhow, my computer has enough battery power for me to post this update.

Before the power went off, I was watching a bit of Fox "News" on the TV. If I had not looked at news websites online, and relied solely on Fox for my news, I would have no idea about the terrible gun and bomb attacks that have just happened in Norway. At the time of writing, 80 dead in the youth camp shootings and 7 at the government buildings complex in Oslo. Fox "News" is not covering this. It is obsessed with the possibility of a US debt default, which is of course an important story - but not the only thing that's happening in the world.

Some pictures of Jaffa below...

A mural in the port area

Jaffa clock tower

Hanging tree

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