Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Four more

July 2011 has arrived... which means I'm flying again and escaping the New Zealand winter. Just in time !

May was a record warm one, and June was heading that way too until its final few days. I've just looked at some news websites and found there is snow across parts of the South Island.

How fortunate that I'm in transit in Melbourne, heading for Hong Kong. Showers are forecast there, but the temperature is going to be about 30 degrees. A two night stopover before flying on to London on Friday.

This is a five week trip, during which I will add another four new countries to my tally. I'm at 68 and counting. The United Nations has just added another one to its total number of recognised states; South Sudan. That takes member countries to 198, and I'm aiming to get my total up to 100 countries before June 2018.

Watch this space !

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