Sunday, August 15, 2010

Photo Post : Moscow

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

An old car, parked near my host family's apartment.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in one of the buildings known as Stalin's Seven Sisters.

Pocari Sweat. I'd been carrying around this packet of power since I was in Japan, to mix with a litre of water and make a sort of energy drink which replaces lost salts and electrolytes on hot and sweaty days. Today was such a day.

One of the fairy-tale themed statues in the watery area of Alexandrovsky Park. Young people (and some older ones) like to jump in from the bridges here.

Kremlin guards.

Hare Krishna devotees having a dance in Arbat street, which is pedestrianised. All the best cities have pedestrianised malls. I wonder how the destruction of Wellington's Manners Mall is coming along !

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