Thursday, August 26, 2010

back on the travel trail

After a week in Britain, seeing my parents again and catching up with friends in London, I'm now in Zurich. What a lovely city. It's a pleasure to walk around the Old Town, along the banks of the river and those of Lake Zurich with the mountains in the distance. The weather is perfect - sunny and hot. As I write, there's a jazz band playing outside the window of my hotel/hostel.

The only thing is, Zurich is so expensive !!! I'm having to adjust to a new currency. One Swiss Franc is the equivalent of about 63 British pence. The Franc is pegged to the Euro at a fixed rate (which I think is 68 Euro cents). Tonight I sought out the cheapest Chinese restaurant/cafe and had chicken with cashew nuts and vegetables. That, together with a bottle of water, cost me 19 Francs. That's a few pennies short of £12, or the equivalent of $26 NZ. It was served on a paper plate too. Mostly, I'm getting my meals from the Co-op supermarket near the main train station.

On Saturday morning, I have my train to Munich. It should be a very scenic journey. There I'll start spending Euros again.

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