Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Moscow Metro

Dear Moscow Metro General Manager,

I wish to complain about your Metro network. Those escalators are so very long. It takes about three minutes of standing on the on the moving stair case to get down to the bottom. I know the stations were designed to double up as air raid shelters, but seriously, who is going to drop bombs on Russia ?

Also, the trains are far too frequent. Just think of poor tourists like me who are trying to take photos of the wonderful stations, waiting patiently for the crowds to clear. Just as they're about to, another train arrives and hundreds more people spill out in front of me, making it almost impossible to get a good shot. I would say the two minute gap between the trains is too short. Could you please double it to four minutes ?

And another thing ! Don't you realise that it's like an art gallery down there ? You could be charging people a lot more to access the Metro. I mean, the equivalent of 50 British pence (or $1 New Zealand) is virtually nothing for use of the network and an unlimited journey to any one of the 200 or so stations. I suppose you believe in running a fast, reliable and cheap metro system to promote public transport ! The London Underground charges about £4 for a single journey within just one zone. You could up your prices a bit, especially considering the beauty of so many of the stations.

Finally, when I'd finished taking my photos (mostly on the brown circle line) I wanted to exit the station. There were large numbers of people standing around merrily photographing or posing for pictures and blocking my way. Could you please not allow these tourists to take photos ? You could do what the London Underground does and say that flash photography is banned and punishable with a big fine. Apparently it upsets the train drivers in London, or goes against their health and safety somehow.

Thank you kindly.

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