Friday, October 1, 2010

My final time at Tegel ?

I have always used Tegel airport when I've visited Berlin. At some point in the future, Schoenefeld will take over as the city's single airport with runways long enough to take Airbus A380 planes and offer direct flights to many destinations. At the moment, German travellers have to connect through Frankfurt. Luckily, Yuri had the use of a car and gave me a lift to the airport. Here he is with an Air Berlin plane in the background. I've flown British Airways to London and will connect through to Mumbai overnight. Thank goodness I'm in Business Class again... I don't think I could have taken another long haul economy flight like the one from Buenos Aires earlier in the week. By the way... next time you fly Club World (Business Class) on British Airways and connect through Heathrow, don't forget to take advantage of the free chair massage session on offer in the Elemis Spa. I had no idea an automated massage chair could do so much. I'm floating now :-)

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