Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Walking down the street in Kuta means encountering an endless succession of hawkers who are best ignored, for they don't understand a polite "no thank you".

Hawker : Hello boss...
Me: (no response)
Female hawker : Hello sir massage...
Me : (no response)
Hawker : Hi mate (in an Australian accent), what are you looking for ?
Me : (unaware I was looking for something, no response)
Hawker ; Where you going ?
Me : (thinking that's none of your business, no response)
Female hawker : (stepping into my path and holding out hand) Hello mate (Aussie accent)
Me : excuse me (meaning, get out of my way)
Hawker : Hello sir (holding out a leaflet)
Me : No thank you
Same hawker : come and take a look at my shop
Me : No thanks
Same hawker : t-shirts, Billabong...
Me : How many times do you want me to say no ?

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