Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Three weeks and counting

Having spent so long planning this trip, it's gradually sinking in that it is almost upon me. I leave New Zealand in three weeks' time !!! It's all becoming very real.

I have been hunting high and low for a particular belt I want to take with me. It's a travellers' trick, because it has a big zip on the inside and is perfect for concealing notes (such as dollars or euros) inside.. away from the sight of thieves or corrupt officials. If only I could find it ! I've had it for years, but simply can't remember where I've put it. Somewhere very safe, clearly.

So today, I went to a couple of outdoor-type shops and bought a new one. Just $24.95 - and now I've done that, I'll probably find the one I already had in a simple and easily accessible place like a drawer.

I'm currently looking at hotel options for Mumbai in October.

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