Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Czech Republic - country 72

I've heard great things about Prague from many people. I've also heard that it is very touristy, and in some ways spoiled. People say Budapest is the new Prague, with marvellous buildings and bridges but not so many tourists.

The things I heard were true. Prague is packed full of fabulous and photogenic things. There are indeed a lot of tourists there, which makes it difficult to get great photos. Never-the-less I have taken a very large number of photos. That was partly because I treated myself to a new camera in one of the duty free shops at Heathrow Airport.

Since Prague, I've been back in Britain visiting my parents again. The big news here - apart from the financial meltdown in the Eurozone and the United States - is the rioting in London and other cities in England. I'm due to be in London for a night tomorrow. I'll watch the situation tonight before deciding whether to alter that plan.

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