Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Country 68, Tonga

I took a short trip to Tonga over the past weekend, adding the Pacific island nation to my list of countries and making it country number 68. I've applied the rules quite strictly to come up with my list... which contains countries I have been to for a minimum of 24 consecutive hours. Where a group of countries or states make up one entity (the United Kingdom for example) they count as one.

So, Tonga was a pleasant break from the start of the New Zealand winter. The temperature in Nuku'alofa was 25 degrees and it was dry and sunny. I stayed in a two level apartment in the city centre, close to the Royal Palace and Royal family burial ground. Not a lot happens in Tonga. It is very quiet (especially on Sunday when almost everything is shut for religious reasons) and is therefore perfect for sitting and reading, listening to music, strolling along the waterfront etc.

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