Thursday, November 11, 2010

To eat, or not to eat (dog)

Vietnamese people seem divided over the question. Many react in the same way as most Westerners would when offered the chance to eat dog meat. Others seem perfectly happy with the concept.

On the bus journey back from the Mekong Delta to Ho Chi Minh City I saw a motorbike with a cage strapped to the back, inside which there were six or seven live dogs crammed together. Perhaps they were on their way to a restaurant !

Apparently, dog meat in Ho Chi Minh City is prepared like cubed beef or other meats would be. Whereas in Hanoi, it's said to be eaten in big chunks. There you might be given a leg to gnaw on.

At Ngon restaurant in Hanoi David and I tried fried sparrow. I can tell you, there's not a lot of meat on those tiny birds !

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